End-to-end Analytics

Integrate data from diverse platforms including advertising offices, online analytics systems, CRM, ERP, and more. Construct a customized reporting mechanism.

Set up a Customer Database Platform (CDP). Build a system for pinpointing the most effective client acquisition channels and facilitating well-informed budget distribution.


What is end-to-end analytics and what tasks does it solve?

End-to-end analytics in marketing Business Intelligence (BI) is an automated system that gathers data from diverse analytical platforms and multiple sources. It then presents this information through reports, dashboards, and graphs, integrating key marketing indicators and KPIs crucial for business insights.

BI analytics enables businesses to assess the effectiveness of various operational processes, pinpoint potential areas for optimization and cost reduction. Leveraging this analytical data, business owners can make informed decisions regarding product or service development, identify untapped market opportunities, and enhance their product’s competitive edge. Ultimately, end-to-end analytics serves to elevate a business’s profitability and steer it towards achieving its strategic objectives.


Who needs BI analytics?

Who can benefit from BI analytics?

Consider implementing BI analytics if:

Your business has multiple sales channels, including websites, mobile apps, and offline stores. You manage diverse data sources such as various marketing platforms (advertising agencies, Google Ads, Facebook, TikTok, etc.), analytical systems (like Google Analytics), accounting systems (CRM, 1C), and tabular data (Google Sheets, Excel). Your marketing team requires comprehensive analysis of all customer acquisition channels and the performance of the sales team. For instance, this could involve evaluating Google Ads, Facebook, Email (Esputnik), CRM, and Google Analytics. You are operating a startup and require thorough analysis of your marketing data, especially during the initial stages.

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