Professional Google Analytics Setup: Unlock the Power of Data for Your Business

Accurate and Complete Data Collection with GA4

Set up correct and complete data collection using Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Organize the migration from the previous version, Universal Analytics.


Audit and Optimize Data Quality

Audit the settings for projects already migrated but with poor or uncertain data quality. Set up data collection in BigQuery and reporting in Looker Studio.

Migration from Universal Analytics 3 to Google Analytics 4

Initiate New Data Feeds: Set up new data feeds within Google Analytics 4.

Implement Fresh Tracking Codes: Add new tracking codes to your website.

Establish Data Stream Linkages: Use customer IDs to link data streams.

Tailor Reports and Metrics: Customize GA4 reports and metrics to meet your business requirements.

Migration Assessment: Ensure accurate and optimal installation and configuration of Google Analytics.

Moving Audit

Verify Data Tracking: Ensure seamless functioning of data tracking processes.

Identify Key Metrics: Determine the most pertinent metrics and reports for your business.


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